Man United to Chelsea: Ranking the Premier League's worst

And just like that, we're more than a third of the way into the Premier League season.

There's still plenty of time for things to change, but it has been enough time to solidify significant points gaps in the table that will be tough to overcome and to solidify opinions of each club. Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool: quite impressive! Aston Villa: Wait ... they're tied with Liverpool ... in fourth place ... two points off the top of the table?!

Beyond those success stories, we have plenty of teams solidified in a state of, well, solidity: Brentford and Brighton continue to punch above their weight, West Ham continue to be anywhere between the seventh- and 15th-best team in England in a given week, and Crystal Palace continue to define themselves as the "Most 13th-Place Team in the History of the Premier League." They might be 11th, they might be 14th, but spiritually, Palace remain in 13th place.

However, with only so many points to go around before we get to Matchday 38, the Premier League is a zero-sum game and with these successes and solidifications, there must also be disappointments somewhere else in the table. Who have been the biggest losers in the Premier League so far this season? We've identified five clear culprits, defined their specific brand of underachievement, and then ranked the inadequate quartet against one another.

All stats, unless otherwise stated, are courtesy of Stats Perform. Let's get to the ranking!