Men's NCAA tournament No. 1 seeds: March Madness history

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

March Madness has officially arrived! UConn, Houston, Purdue, and North Carolina are No. 1 seeds for the 2024 NCAA men's tournament. Let's revisit every No. 1 seed throughout the tournament's history. This list dates back to 1979, which is when full seeding began.

1979: Indiana State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, UCLA

1980: DePaul, Kentucky, LSU, Syracuse

1981: DePaul, LSU, Oregon State, Virginia

1982: DePaul, Georgetown, North Carolina, Virginia

1983: Houston, Louisville, St. John's, Virginia

1984: DePaul, Georgetown, Kentucky, North Carolina

1985: Georgetown, Michigan, Oklahoma, St. John's

1986: Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, St. John's

1987: Georgetown, Indiana, North Carolina, UNLV

1988: Arizona, Oklahoma, Purdue, Temple

1989: Arizona, Georgetown, Illinois, Oklahoma

1990: Michigan State, Oklahoma, UConn, UNLV

1991: Arkansas, North Carolina, Ohio State, UNLV

1992: Duke, Kansas, Ohio State, UCLA

1993: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina

1994: Arkansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Purdue

1995: Kansas, Kentucky, UCLA, Wake Forest

1996: Kentucky, Purdue, UConn, UMass

1997: Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina

1998: Arizona, Duke, Kansas, North Carolina

1999: Auburn, Duke, Michigan State, UConn

2000: Arizona, Duke, Michigan State, Stanford

2001: Duke, Illinois, Michigan State, Stanford

2002: Cincinnati, Duke, Kansas, Maryland

2003: Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas

2004: Duke, Kentucky, Saint Joseph's, Stanford

2005: Duke, Illinois, North Carolina, Washington

2006: Duke, Memphis, UConn, Villanova

2007: Florida, Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio State

2008: Kansas, Memphis, North Carolina, UCLA

2009: Louisville, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, UConn

2010: Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse

2011: Duke, Kansas, Ohio State, Pittsburgh

2012: Kentucky, Michigan State, North Carolina, Syracuse

2013: Gonzaga, Indiana, Kansas, Louisville

2014: Arizona, Florida, Virginia, Wichita State

2015: Duke, Kentucky, Villanova, Wisconsin

2016: Kansas, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia

2017: Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina, Villanova

2018: Kansas, Villanova, Virginia, Xavier

2019: Duke, Gonzaga, North Carolina, Virginia

2020: No NCAA tournament due to COVID-19

2021: Baylor, Gonzaga, Illinois, Michigan

2022: Arizona, Baylor, Gonzaga, Kansas

2023: Alabama, Houston, Kansas, Purdue

2024: UConn, Houston, Purdue, North Carolina

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