Top home run celebrations in 2024 MLB season

Home run celebrations are back in full swing in MLB.

Bat flips and stare-downs are still in style, but home run props are bringing a new spin to the sport.

Some of last season's favorites, like the Seattle Mariners' trident, have returned, while the Baltimore Orioles' "hydration station" is among those that have joined dugouts. Unique celebrations have even gone as far as Double-A ball.

Here's a look at notable home run celebrations this season.

Cincinnati Reds: Viking

Carried over from last season, the Reds' Viking celebration includes multiple props. The player who smashes a home run receives a Viking hat, cape and what appears to be a bent baseball bat.

Detroit Tigers: Pizza, pizza

Pizza is a popular game-day snack in sports. But what about in a baseball dugout?

The Tigers, who have been owned by Little Caesars Pizza founder Mike Ilitch since 1992, award their players with pizzas on a stick after they hit a home run.

Baltimore Orioles: Hydration station

In an ode to college fraternities and sororities, the Orioles unveiled the "homer hydration station" this season. It's a simple demonstration: Players chug liquids through the tubes once a teammate hits a home run. The person who smashes the home run and any other player who scored on it also drink.

Where it can get messy is when someone hits a grand slam, though the Orioles seem to have enough tubes for that.

Boston Red Sox: Home run medal

The Red Sox have a local celebration in which they place a medal from the Boston Athletic Association 5K around the player's neck. But there is a twist.

The medal seems to compare to one Boston manager Alex Cora was awarded after completing the race himself earlier in April.

Colorado Rockies: Ski helmet and goggles

In the Rocky Mountains, skiing can be a matter of when, not if. No matter the location of the game, the second a Colorado player enters the dugout after hitting a home run he is welcomed with a ski helmet and goggles -- similar to a lodge guest.

Seattle Mariners: Trident

The Mariners returned their trident celebration from last season. The staff stands 6Β½ feet tall and weighs nearly 30 pounds, according to MLB.com, and is a key part of Seattle's theatrics.

Rocket City Trash Pandas: Astronaut helmet

The Double-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels has stayed true to its Rocket City nickname. Helping home run hitters pose as astronauts, the celebratory white helmet includes a gold eye covering, making it easy to prepare for takeoff.