Lions LT Taylor Decker trying to recover first TD ball

Detroit Lions offensive lineman Taylor Decker is trying to recover the football from his first NFL touchdown.

And for the person who now possesses the ball, he's willing to make it "worth your while" to get it.

The 25-year-old left tackle scored on an 11-yard tackle-eligible pass reception from Matthew Stafford during the Lions' 30-16 loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. After he scored, he tossed the ball into the crowd.

Later, he wished he hadn't done it.

Decker also reached out to fans on Twitter, putting on a full social media press to get the ball back. Multiple people on Twitter have since contacted Decker to say they have the ball.

"That's my first-ever touchdown," Decker said after the game. "Been playing football since first grade, always been an O-lineman. So for my first touchdown to come as a left tackle in the NFL is pretty damn cool.

"And I think I threw a duck into the stands. So whatever fan has that ball, I'd like it back."

Decker tweeted Monday morning that he believes he's found the person who has the ball.