Competitive eater crushes Eagles lineman's daily diet

Dan Kennedy devoured Lane Johnson's daily caloric intake in less than 10 minutes. Philadelphia Eagles/Twitter

In order to maintain their massive size, NFL offensive linemen eat a lot.

But that was light work for competitive eater Dan "Killer" Kennedy.

On Tuesday, the Philadelphia Eagles posted a video where Kennedy, who once ate 50 cheeseburgers in less than an hour, met up with Eagles offensive linemen Lane Johnson and Cam Jurgens. They unveiled a sampling of Johnson's daily diet, which typically consists of the following:

Two 12-ounce ribeye steaks
Five scrambled eggs
One avocado
Three sausage links
Three greek yogurts
One sweet potato
One baked potato
Two protein shakes
Two orange juices
One "mjonster mash" bowl (rice, ground beef, seasoning)

That's about 5,000 to 6,000 calories per day. For folks who eat the average of about 2,000, that's a massive undertaking. In addition to the obvious competitive motivation, Eagles linemen get fined $800 per pound if they're outside of their expected weight range.

Kennedy had 10 minutes to consume all of that. He finished way ahead of schedule.

Johnson and Jurgens were duly impressed -- which makes sense, considering how much bigger both of them are compared to Kennedy.