This week's Big Question: Which arena has the best visitors dressing room?

The Los Angeles Kings visitors' locker room is pretty sweet, too. Juan Ocampo/NHL/Getty Images

This week's Big Question: Which arena has the best visitors dressing room?

Mike Green, D, Detroit Red Wings: "I just like the Bell Centre, the energy there. The small little stick room in the back there with the fridge, it's just a cool spot. A good area to play soccer, too. There's some good arenas for soccer that we consider good places to play. Warm-up is everything. Being able to have a good gym and getting warmed up is important, especially for us older guys."

Cam Fowler, D, Anaheim Ducks: "Well, the new one in Edmonton is pretty nice. It's very nice but I love going to the visiting side of Joe Louis. I don't know if that's just more personal to me because it's home, but I think the visiting room is cool and it's roomy and it just seems like it has a lot of history. So, that's another cool one too."

James Neal, RW, Nashville Predators: "L.A.'s pretty good, Staples Center. Lots of room, good area to warm up."

Braden Holtby, G, Washington Capitals: "Favorite road dressing room? That's a unique question. Any of the new rinks are pretty phenomenal; Edmonton, Pitt. Anywhere where there's space is nice, and it's clean."

Ryan Suter, D, Minnesota Wild: "Edmonton. It's sick. It's big, it's huge. I'd say Edmonton and Pittsburgh. It's big, that's the biggest thing. When you're on the road, a lot of these rooms are little hole-in-the-walls. With this one, it's big and you have your space."

Evgeny Kuznetsov, C, Washington Capitals: "Really nice, the new Edmonton room. I like it in L.A., too. It's beautiful cities and beautiful stadiums, and most locker rooms are pretty [similar] and they're all really high-level."

Jeff Petry, D, Montreal Canadiens: "Off the top of my head, just because it was recent, I'm going to say Pittsburgh. It's a pretty new arena. Decent. Got a lot of space in the room and good changing area as well."

Ryan Johansen, C, Nashville Predators: "Phoenix has a good one. It's huge. It's not the nicest, but it's just huge. Lots of space. Huge. ... Pittsburgh's got a nice one in their fairly new arena."

Drew Doughty, D, Los Angeles Kings: "Phoenix. They have a good one. It's big, there's a lot of room. It's spacious. We're not bumping into each other and stepping on each other in there. They have a decent soccer area [for warm-ups]. If you have a s---ty soccer area, it sucks."

Nazem Kadri, C, Toronto Maple Leafs: "I think Edmonton. ... That new building is unbelievable. The room is very well designed, very spacious, has a good stereo system, which is very important [Kadri smiles]. Yeah, I like that room a lot."

Shane Doan, RW, Arizona Coyotes: "It depends on who has the best area to play soccer. That's what it's become. There's a few teams that have nice ones. All the new buildings have nice facilities. There are a few that you're maybe not disappointed that their dressing room's going to be gone, [but] the building you like."

Zach Parise, C, Minnesota Wild: "Edmonton's now, oh my gosh, not even a comparison."

Ben Bishop, G, Tampa Bay Lightning: "Wow. Let me do a quick run-through real quick. I think I like Pittsburgh's and Minnesota's away locker rooms. It's got space, it's got good little different areas to kind of hang out. I think those are my two."

Joe Thornton, C, San Jose Sharks: "Favorite dressing room? What's a nice one? L.A.'s is nice. Who else? They're all nice, really."

-- Craig Custance, Scott Burnside, Joe McDonald, Pierre LeBrun