Future of Sydney Stack and Callum Coleman-Jones uncertain: Hardwick

Richmond coach Damien Hardwick has refused to guarantee the futures of disgraced AFL pair Sydney Stack and Callum Coleman-Jones after their serious COVID-19 protocol breaches.

Stack and Coleman-Jones were removed from the Tigers' Queensland hub after visiting a strip club and becoming involved in a drunken brawl early last Friday morning.

They each received a 10-game suspension while Richmond were fined $100,000 for their second bubble breach.

"We're incredibly disappointed with the actions and there's no doubt about that but we're also concerned about the individual," Hardwick said.

"These two players are like family to us, so we'll always look after them - but they've also got to understand the repercussions of their actions.

"Accountability and responsibility is a big one in today's society and the players, in fairness, have accepted that.

"We'll deal with those players. They're Richmond people at the moment - we'll continue to support them as best we can and continue to do what we do."

When pressed on whether the phrase "Richmond people at the moment" indicated the careers of Stack and Coleman-Jones were in jeopardy, Hardwick said those decisions would be determined "in due course".

Both players are contracted until the end of the 2021 season.

"They're very good players," Hardwick said. "We're disappointed in the action so we don't want to sit there and make assertions of what it's going to look like moving forward.

"It was probably a bad choice of terminology by me, they're Richmond men at the moment. I shouldn't say at the moment. They're Richmond men. So look, we'll support them as best we can."

Hardwick said chief executive Brendon Gale had been on a phone hook-up with the AFL Players' Association on Wednesday morning regarding whether Stack and Coleman-Jones would pay the $75,000 portion of the club's fine relating to their breaches.

The Richmond coach said he would let Gale and the players' managers work through that situation.