Giant U.S. goalkeeper Samnik too tall for signing photo by new Romanian club

FC Politehnica Iasi of the Romanian top flight have sourced themselves a new goalkeeper in the lofty guise of Jacob Samnik.

The 18-year-old American is a product of the Kalonji Soccer Academy in Georgia, from whom Politehnica have landed him on a two-year contract. But as well as being a decent young keeper, Samnik is also notable for standing at 2.07 metres tall -- that's approximately 6-foot-8, an inch taller than Peter Crouch.

That's so tall that, on arrival, Samnik's head was cropped out of his official welcome photo on the club website and social media posts.

While it's up for debate whether or not this was intention (it's hard to resize photos like that for all different types of media!), if Politehnica did in fact announce their new arrival with a joke, then fair play to them.