2024 NBA free agency: Players to sign, contract predictions

What should the next contract for LeBron James look like? ESPN's Bobby Marks lays out the options for the NBA's veteran star. Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The art of negotiating a contract in free agency is not as simple as writing a blank check. A new contract for Paul George should start at his max salary of $49.3 million, but his next team, the LA Clippers or perhaps the Philadelphia 76ers, will negotiate the length and other clauses.

The 34-year old is eligible to sign a four-year contract with either team and can also ask for a no-trade clause with the Clippers.

To show the complexities of negotiating in free agency, I picked 10 free agents, starting with LeBron James, and examined what their next contract should be and picked teams that could give them that deal.

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LeBron James, F

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