2024 NFL draft: Latest buzz, rumors, prospect sleepers

We're less than three weeks from Round 1 of the 2024 NFL draft. Draft boards are starting to firm up, team needs are becoming more clear and prospects are starting to make their official visits. And along the way, intrigue around what every team is going to do on Day 1 is picking up.

We've heard a lot of buzz about early picks, standout players, potential trades and the quarterback market. So we asked NFL draft analysts Matt Miller, Jordan Reid and Field Yates to break down the latest intel from around the league.

Who are the hardest prospects to rank right now and what is the most surprising piece of information you've heard about how specific positions stack up? Who are the most interesting Day 3 sleepers? And which teams could trade up for a non-QB in Round 1? We get into all that and then let Matt, Jordan and Field empty their scouting notebooks with what they're hearing, seeing and thinking.

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Difficult prospects to rank | Day 3 sleepers
Trading up for non-QBs | Intel on position ranks
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Who is the hardest prospect to rank right now?