Quick reads from Elite 11 finals

• The first circumstance of wind was on Day 3 and it was gusty. When you have wind as a quarterback, especially directional wind when you know it's crossing the field, you have to be very careful with your footwork and your throw, and understand that everything has to be adjusted either with the wind or against the wind. Players with natural wrist velocity and revolutions on the football seem to handle wind better than those players who don't have as much natural wrist velocity. What we see are players out here struggling with the deep ball -- especially if they're late. You're seeing the ball spray around a little bit because the ball is being carried by the wind, so the accuracy is down a little bit as well. Max Browne (Sammamish, Wash./Skyline) handled the wind very well. Zack Greenlee (Stockton, Calif./Lincoln) handled the wind exceptionally well because he has tremendous RPMs and velocity on the ball. Asiantii Woulard (Winter Park, Fla./Winter Park) handled the wind very, very well.

• Asiantii Woulard will likely push to be our No. 1 ranked dual-threat quarterback. He has played only one year of organized football, but he is light years ahead of where he should be. He has natural physical ability. He's smart. He wants to be good. He has a good work ethic. He is only going to get better. You're going to see him excel and he has some things that you cannot coach, physically.

• The other guy that is starting to heat up and is very good when it comes to caring about the game is Johnny Stanton (Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif./Santa Margarita). He's a little tense, a little robotic in his methods. But the end result is really positive. And when he's not in a 7-on-7 drill or not supposed to be standing behind the huddle listening to what is going on, he's off somewhere working on some facet of the game. He's on his knees doing throwing drills or working with George Whitfield or Jordan Palmer. He's doing something to better himself and that tells you a little bit about how much he cares about the game.