Italy coach Antonio Conte: Montpellier base perfect for our Euro 2016 hopes

Italy coach Antonio Conte believes he has made the correct decision choosing Montpellier as a base for the Squadra Azzurra during Euro 2016.

After leading his first training session in the sun-drenched south of France, he gave his first news conference since arriving in France on Wednesday, and he informed the media that his first impressions had only confirmed his initial feeling.

"Here in Montpellier we've found the ideal conditions for what we want to do, so thanks for this and let's hope it brings us luck," Conte said.

"This is why I chose it, because it's suitable for what we were looking for.

"We've only been here a day, but the feeling is a positive one; that we've done the right thing in the right way, for our needs."

With Italy now in France, and having beaten both Scotland and Finland in their final two warm-up matches, the expectancy levels back home are slowly starting to rise.

While goalkeeper and captain Gianluigi Buffon was quick to remind everybody on Wednesday that Italy are not among the favourites, Conte added that the team would not be influenced by anything which they hear from outside their camp.

"We've not got to concern ourselves much at all with what is happening on the outside," Conte continued.

"We need to focus on ourselves, concentrate on working hard and improving our principles and our ideas and what we want to do, not letting what we hear from the outside affect us.

"They can be positive or negative, but we should not let either affect us.

"We are aiming for the maximum, without thinking whether the enthusiasm is getting higher or lower. As I've said, we're thinking of ourselves, with our heads down and pedalling hard."

Italy did not work too hard in their first training session, but Conte said they still need to adapt to the change in climate, and thus he admitted to being no more the wiser about whom he will pick in his team to face Belgium on Monday night.

The ultimate choice of his starting XI is not a major concern, however, as he insists he is confident any member of his squad will deliver what he wants.

"I don't have a crystal ball today. I can't know what will happen in future. We just have to work hard and, in terms of my choices, I just have to see who is in the best shape -- whom I see in the best shape," Conte added.

"It's not about making choices -- I picked 23 players and I have great faith in all of them, no matter who plays."