Hamburg's Dennis Diekmeier suffers memory loss after clash of heads

Hamburg right-back Dennis Diekmeier has said his memory of the last seven minutes of the derby draw against Werder Bremen has been erased following a clash of heads.

Diekmeier, 27, collided with Bremen's Zlatan Junozvic when contesting a long ball from Bremen goalkeeper Jaroslav Drobny after 57 minutes. The Hamburg defender hit his opponent with his forehead and went to ground, but was able to play on after receiving medical treatment by HSV's staff, with one member of the medical staff appearing to check whether all was OK with the player.

As the match continued, Diekmeier had several touches of the ball. He stormed down the right flank once and crossed the ball, and also sent a long ball into Bremen's half. Still, seven minutes after the clash of heads, the defender was substituted and pointed towards his head when walking off the pitch.

Speaking to reporters following the 2-2 draw, Diekmeier revealed that he could not remember anything between the incident and arriving in the dressing room.

"I can still remember Drobo's long ball, but it's blank after that," he said. "The next thing I remember is waking up on the massage table in the dressing room."

Although, Diekmeier was very lively between the clash of heads and his substitution, he added that he was surprised to see what he did on the TV pictures.

He said: "I don't know what happened on those seven minutes on the pitch. I was in a trance. I saw on TV that I even talked to the linesman."

According to Bild, Diekmeier suffered no concussion as he left the stadium with a "throbbing head."