Euro 2024: How every team qualified from the group stage

Why Georgia qualifying for the knockout stage is a 'wonderful story' (1:27)

Shaka Hislop recaps Georgia's stunning 2-0 win over Portugal that sees them qualify for the round of 16 at Euro 2024. (1:27)

The knockout bracket at Euro 2024 is complete with the final round of group matches over.

The top two teams in each group go through to the round of 16, along with the four best runners-up.

This is how the group stage played out.

QUALIFIED: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland

ELIMINATED: Albania, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Scotland, Serbia, Ukraine


If teams are equal on points, they will be separated by the following criteria:

1. Head-to-head points
2. Head-to-head goal difference
3. Head-to-head goals scored

If three teams are level on points, a mini-league is created only involving the results of the matches between the teams in question.

4. If after applying stages 1-3 some teams are still level, it is reapplied just to those teams. For instance, England, Slovenia and Serbia are level on points; after applying 1-3, England are first but Slovenia and Serbia cannot be separated in the three-team mini-league. The direct head-to-head between Slovenia and Serbia would determine second place.

If teams still cannot be separated, the following are applied:

5. Group goal difference
6. Group goals scored
7. Penalty shootout, if the two teams are playing each other on the final matchday
8. If they don't play each other, lower disciplinary points (1 point yellow, 3 points red via two yellows, 3 points direct red, 4 points yellow followed by direct red)
9. European qualifiers overall ranking, unless Germany are involved. If Germany are involved, then it would be a random drawing of lots.

Group A


Germany 5-1 Scotland
Hungary 1-3 Switzerland
Germany 2-0 Hungary
Scotland 1-1 Switzerland
Switzerland 1-1 Germany
Scotland 0-1 Hungary

Germany snatched back top spot in the group by scoring a 92nd-minute equaliser against Switzerland, dropping them to second.

Hungary left it even later to get a victory in their game against Scotland, finding a winning goal in the last of 10 minutes of added time. That moved Hungary up to third on three points, though with goal difference of -3. In the end they missed out as the fourth-best third-placed team had three points and goal difference of 0.

Group B


Spain 3-0 Croatia
Italy 2-1 Albania
Croatia 2-2 Albania
Spain 1-0 Italy
Albania 0-1 Spain
Croatia 1-1 Italy

Mattia Zaccagni scored in the eighth minute of stoppage time to send Italy automatically through to the round of 16, earning a 1-1 draw with Croatia. Results in other groups meant Zaccagni's goal eliminated Croatia, as they could not be one of the best third-placed teams.

Spain, who had already sealed top spot, wrapped things up with a 1-0 win over Albania, who finished bottom.

Group C


Slovenia 1-1 Denmark
Serbia 0-1 England
Slovenia 1-1 Serbia
Denmark 1-1 England
England 0-0 Slovenia
Denmark 0-0 Serbia

Without doubt the most uninspiring group at Euro 2024. England claimed top spot with a 0-0 draw against Slovenia, while Serbia couldn't get the win they needed against Denmark: Again 0-0.

Slovenia are guaranteed to be a best third-placed team.

Denmark and Slovenia had identical records, with the Danes finishing second on six yellow cards to Slovenia's seven.

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Group D


Poland 1-2 Netherlands
Austria 0-1 France
Poland 1-3 Austria
Netherlands 0-0 France
France 1-1 Poland
Netherlands 2-3 Austria

Austria claimed a stunning win over Netherlands, which coupled with France's surprise draw against Poland meant it was Austria who topped the group.

Netherlands may feel they escaped for failing to capitalise on France's slip, with tie against Romania.

Group E


Romania 3-0 Ukraine
Belgium 0-1 Slovakia
Slovakia 1-2 Ukraine
Belgium 2-0 Romania
Ukraine 0-0 Belgium
Slovakia 1-1 Romania

The group ended as it began, with all four teams level on four points.

Romania were the surprise group winners, with Belgium going through in second.

Four points was enough for Slovakia to get through in third, while Ukraine became the first team to go out of the Euros on four points under this format -- as they finished bottom.

Group F


Turkey 3-1 Georgia
Portugal 2-1 Czechia
Georgia 1-1 Czechia
Turkey 0-3 Portugal
Czechia 1-2 Turkey
Georgia 2-0 Portugal

Portugal won the group with a game to spare, but their shock 2-0 defeat to Georgia in the final match saw the team ranked 74th in the world, in their first-ever tournament, go through in third.

Turkey went through in second, with a late 2-1 win against bottom-of-the-group Czechia.

Ranking of best third-placed teams

The four best runners-up will go through to the round of 16.

This format has been in place for two previous editions, and both times four points secured progress. At Euro 2020, Ukraine sneaked through on three points. At Euro 2016, both Northern Ireland and eventual winners Portugal made it on three points.

This time two teams again made it through on three points, with Hungary slipping out of the top four right at the end.

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The third-place ranking is determined first by:

1. Points
2. Goal difference
3. Goals scored
4. Wins
5. Lower disciplinary points
6. European qualifiers overall ranking, unless Germany are involved. If Germany are involved, random draw.