Jimmy Butler cameos in Fall Out Boy's music video

Jimmy Butler starred in Fall Out Boy's "So Much (For) Stardust" music video. Jimmy Butler/Instagram

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler showed his "emo Jimmy" alter ego yet again.

The look Butler debuted during media day sessions before the 2023-24 NBA season appeared in his cameo in popular rock band Fall Out Boy's music video titled, "So Much (For) Stardust."

The band also posted a promotion on social media, dubbing Butler as "Heat Wentz," referencing Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, whom Butler is co-starring with in the video.

Butler is shown in the video dancing and mouthing along to the lyrics. He is also seen dressed up in a purple gemstone-studded outfit while wearing a cowboy hat. His hairstyle is reminiscent of his "emo Jimmy" look.

Butler made it known that his favorite genre of music is country. As the veteran star of the Heat, Butler is the team's default disc jockey and often shares his love for the style of music in the locker room, according to ESPN's Nick Friedell.