Redskins' offensive line dressed for success on a 'business' Friday

ASHBURN, Virginia -- It may have appeared to be the start of a new approach, three Washington Redskins offensive linemen in white dress shirts and black ties on a "business" Friday.

“Get your laughs in,” Redskins left tackle Trent Williams said. “There ain’t nothing behind it. We’re just messing around.”

Williams, right tackle Morgan Moses and backup tackle Ty Nsekhe all wore the 4X white dress shirts with black ties under their pads during practice. It wasn’t the cleanest look considering they couldn’t tuck them into their pants. Nor did it make much of a statement. They weren’t auditioning for some new nickname, either. The Hogs, back in the 1980s, once posed in Tuxedos for a poster. However, they had Super Bowl wins on their resume.

The trio found the shirts in their lockers, a gift of sorts from the guys in the equipment room. But even for these larger men, a 4X was way more than needed; Williams, for example, said he could use a 1X. But when they tried on the shirts, they joked about wearing them in practice. The other linemen did not receive any shirts.

“We came down for practice and figured we’d throw them on and call it business Fridays. So it’s all business,” Williams said.

Don’t look for it to last.

“I hope not. This shirt is hot as hell. I can’t do this no more,” Williams said. “It’s probable I would shut this down… It depends. If it brings good luck on Sunday I’ll do it every week. I’ll let you know more on Monday.”