Cologne send Augsburg goalkeeper bill for damaged penalty spot

Augsburg goalkeeper Marwin Hitz woke up on Tuesday morning to find a bill from Cologne waiting for him.

The €122.92 euro charge was to cover the cost of the damage the Swiss stopper did to the turf around the penalty spot at Cologne's RheinEnergieStadion during the Bundesliga game between the two sides on Saturday.

Hitz was seen deliberately scuffing the spot with his studs. Moments later, Cologne striker Anthony Modeste slipped while taking a penalty only to see his shot saved by Hitz. Augsburg went on to win the game 1-0.

After stewing over the home defeat for a couple of days, Cologne's stadium manager Hans Rutten sent an invoice to cover the replacement of the turf that Hitz tore up.

According to the Kolner Express newspaper, the itemised bill includes a charge for one square metre of turf, two hours of labour, and additional sales tax.

In fairness, Hitz has agreed to pay up in full as well as donating additional money to the Cologne Children's Hospital as a further gesture of goodwill.

Hitz wrote on Augsburg's Facebook page: "If the bill was sent with a wink, I would like to pay on receipt, even if I think that our groundsman could mend the penalty spot faster."

Augsburg added on the Facebook page that the club doubted the repairs would take two hours and that they would send Cologne a lawnmower -- "with a wink".

All in all, that's not a bad price in exchange for a saved penalty kick and three more precious points on the board.