'Only Dinamo Bucharest' mosaic in stands ahead of Steaua's UCL match

Just before kick-off of Steaua Bucharest's Champions League match versus Manchester City, a huge mosaic appeared across both tiers of one of the huge stands at the National Arena, the translation of which read: "Only Dinamo Bucharest'' -- the slogan of Steaua's city rivals.

The reasons for the "tifo" were initially unclear. Was it a clever act of sabotage by Dinamo fans ahead of this weekend's derby with Steaua in Romania's Liga I?

The Guardian did report that "the display had been organised by a group of Dinamo fans who posed as professionals offering to help prepare the display before the match."

Local journalists eventually decided not, telling PA Sport it was probably more of a sarcastic reminder from Steaua fans that they are in the Champions League and Dinamo are not.