Mauro Biello expects Ignacio Piatti to return to Montreal Impact

Montreal Impact coach Mauro Biello expects midfielder Ignacio Piatti to be in camp ahead of the 2017 season amid transfer speculation.

Piatti has been linked this winter to a return to his native Argentina and a move to Boca Juniors.

Biello confirmed there have been inquiries for the 31-year-old, but said any news of the designated player's departure are still just "rumors" at this time.

"Piatti is with us and as of right now, he's under contract and he's a member of the Montreal Impact," Biello told reporters. "He's a very important player for us and a top player in this league. This is where we stand.

"There's rumors all the time, obviously. When you have a player with that stature and that ability, you get a lot of interest for him. So it's normal, we get that a lot.

"It's not only now that we've gotten interest for him, we've been been getting interest all year for him. It's just the type of player he is."

Biello also said that he had spoken to Piatti and expressed the club's desire that he stay on for the upcoming season.

"Yeah, I spoke with Nacho and like I said, he belongs to us. In the end, these are rumors and there's always interest for players of his caliber," Biello. "We face calls all the time for this type of player, but he's under contract with us right now and we're expecting him in [preseason] camp."