Police: David Parry belligerent in golf cart theft

INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts defensive lineman David Parry used a number of expletives and derogatory words toward Scottsdale, Arizona, police officers who arrested him over the weekend, according to the police report obtained by ESPN.

Parry, 24, was arrested early Saturday morning on charges of auto theft, robbery, resisting arrest, driving under the influence and criminal damage.

He allegedly hit the driver of a golf cart transporting him and two other men from a Scottsdale bar in the head and sped off in the cart. The police found Parry on the sidewalk near where he crashed the cart into the gate of an apartment complex.

Parry, whose eyes were watery and bloodshot and whose speech was slurred, laughed and thought being arrested for robbery and auto theft was comical, according to the police report. Parry antagonized the officers, using gay slurs and calling them "fat f---s," according to officers.

Parry had a brace on his left wrist from surgery earlier in the offseason that made it difficult for the officers to handcuff him. The police had to remove the brace from Parry's wrist to put the handcuffs on because he kept "locking his muscles and turning his body in attempts to break free from" police, according to the report.

Parry was not given a breath test because of his lack of stability and because he was "dry heaving," as if he was going to vomit, when the officers were drawing blood from his arm, according to the police report.

Asked how much he had to drink, Parry told the officers "a lot" and "more than I should have been," according to the report.

New Colts general manager Chris Ballard will likely address the incident when he talks to the media during the scouting combine Wednesday.

Parry, who was selected in the fifth round in 2015, has started all 32 games of his NFL career and has 78 tackles and four sacks.