Norrkoping captain Johansson issues formal apology for dreadful dive

Norrkoping captain Andreas Johansson says he is "very ashamed" of himself after damning footage of his dreadful playacting in the Swedish top flight went viral earlier in the week.

As previously featured on Toe Poke, Johansson attempted to con the referee during Norrkoping's recent tie against AIK by nudging his nose against striker Mohamed Bangura's outstretched arm and then flopping to the floor in mock agony. It truly was pitiful.

Bangura, for the record, took a split second to realise what was going on before bursting into laughter at Johansson's ridiculous conduct.

Johansson has now publicly apologised for his behaviour via a statement issued on the Norrkoping club website.

"What I did was wrong and has no place in football. I had a quick brainwave of which I am very ashamed," he said. "When I see things like this on TV it makes me angry and it makes me extremely disappointed that I did it.

"From now on, my focus will be on the future, on the preparations for our next match. ... My commitment and my desire to win will not be affected.

"I will continue to work even harder to be the role model I want to be, on and off the field."