Argentina leagues to allow visiting team fans for two matches

#INSERT type:image caption:Argentina will allow visiting team fans into two matches this weekend, the first time since the ban was imposed in 2013. END#

The Argentina Football Federation on Wednesday approved a test return of visiting team supporters for two Argentine league matches this weekend, the first time the ban has been lifted since it was imposed in 2013 due to fan violence and deaths.

Olimpo de Bahia Blanca fans will be permitted to attend the match against Arsenal de Sarandi in Buenos Aires on Sunday while in the Metropolitan B league, Tristan Suarez will host fans of Sportivo Italiano on Friday in the only other match.

The federation initially contemplated allowing visiting team fans at a third match, Sarmiento vs. Defensa, but opted against it, saying that the stadium was not yet equipped and lacked the time necessary to complete the work required to accommodate the fans.

After an executive committee meeting, federation president Luis Segura told reporters that the decision to allow fans for these two matches could pave the way for the return of visiting team supporters next year.

The federation imposed the ban in 2013 after a supporter of visiting club Lanus was killed in a clash with fans and police in La Plata, near Buenos Aires, during a match against Estudiantes.

More than 70 football supporters have been killed in Argentina since the year 2000.