Experts debate NFL Rank: Snubs, surprises, rookies to watch

The 2023 NFL season is right around the corner, as the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs kick off the regular season Thursday, Sept. 7. And now is the perfect time to roll out our 2023 NFL Rank -- and debate the final list.

NFL Rank is our annual projection of the top 100 players based on expectations for the upcoming season, compiled by dozens of ESPN experts. Of course, there were conflicting thoughts on who should or shouldn't have been on the list, and who was ranked too high or too low. So we asked seven NFL analysts -- Matt Bowen, Matt Miller, Eric Moody, Jordan Reid, Mike Tannenbaum, Seth Walder and Field Yates -- to debate our ranking. They identified snubs, overrated/underrated players, second-year stars and rookies who could crack the top 100 next year.

Which 2022 breakout players should have made the top 100? Which well-known quarterback might be a little too overrated? Are we sleeping on a veteran offensive lineman too much? And which first-rounders could make the list in 2024? Our panelists make their cases, starting with the biggest snubs.

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Ranking biggest snubs
Who's overrated? | Who's underrated?
Top-10 snubs | Surprising addition
Rookies to watch | Second-year jumps

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Which players were snubbed from the top 100?