Post-regulation power index: NHL teams best set up to win in overtime, shootout

Not surprisingly, having three all-world players on the roster such as Victor Hedman, Nikita Kucherov and Steven Stamkos is quite helpful in 3-on-3 overtime. Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire

When regulation ends, all bets are pretty much off. It could all be over in just one wide shot in OT resulting in a 2-on-0 going back the other way or one nifty shootout move after the five-minute frame. It doesn't take much, but there's a full point in the standings up for grabs. It matters.

In an interest of ranking all 31 teams in accordance with how well they're setup for overtime and shootout success, we developed an index system. Six factors were used for the formula. We devised a 1-31 ranking in each category, and produced a weighted average:

  • 30 percent: Projected points of each team's top center, winger and defenseman

  • 20 percent: Each team's second-highest projected point-getter at center, wing and defense

  • 20 percent: Each team's No. 1 goalie's projected save percentage

  • 15 percent: Average career shootout percentage for each team's top three shootout artists

  • 10 percent: Career shootout save percentage for the No. 1 goalie

  • 5 percent: Last year's win percentage in overtime and the shootout

Click here for more on the methodology, and for a table listing the full results for every team.

Here is the resulting ranking for each team in expected success following the conclusion of the third period. The lower the index rating, the better:

1. Tampa Bay Lightning

Rating: 3.30