Amidst the losses at least the Giants have Daniel Jones

DETROIT -- The losses keep piling up. It’s disappointing no doubt. The New York Giants might not even match last year’s win total of five after their 31-26 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

This latest defeat had its fair share of hair-pulling moments. It also featured enough flashes from rookie quarterback Daniel Jones to provide hope that this organization is not eternally doomed.

Jones made a crucial mistake early, continuing his turnover trend. He spotted the Lions a touchdown by throwing under pressure backwards to running back Saquon Barkley. Former Giant Devon Kennard scooped the ball and scored as Barkley provided little resistance.

It was the kind of play that Jones needs to eliminate. They have become too common. He then almost threw an interception on the Giants’ next drive.

From there though, there were continual signs of a future franchise quarterback. In a lost season, this is the saving grace. This is the reason the Giants (2-6) made the move from Eli Manning to Jones so early in the year. Any progress made would be beneficial to the organization moving forward.

It may be hard to harp on given the final result, but there was progress in Sunday’s loss. Jones fired a pair of touchdown strikes to fellow rookie Darius Slayton. He finished 28 of 41 passing for 322 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions. He did enough for the Giants to win the game.

Maybe the most impressive part of it all was the way Jones never flinched. This is what the Giants love about the No. 6 overall pick in the draft. His demeanor after a bonehead fumble can be confused with his reaction to one of his touchdown passes.

It’s all enough mask the stink of this roster that general manager Dave Gettleman has handed coach Pat Shurmur. The Giants might be losing, but at least there is hope for this franchise moving forward. A young quarterback gives them a chance.

Buy WR Darius Slayton: The fifth-round rookie had a pair of touchdown grabs. Both came on leaping grabs over defenders from Jones.

It has reached the point where it’s impossible to deny that Slayton is a player. The Giants found something with him in the late rounds of the draft. He has the looks of a solid No. 2, and is becoming a significant part of their offense.

It should come as no surprise that he has chemistry with Jones. Slayton has mentioned that the two worked together plenty this offseason, beginning in the spring when they were with the second-team offense. Now they just so happen to be doing it with the first-string offense during their rookie seasons.

Troubling Trend: Not really close in these losses.

The Giants aren't just losing. They're barely hanging in games.

This loss to the Lions only became a one-score game with a late touchdown. The previous week they only lost to Arizona by six but that was a game where they never had the lead. Combined with four blowout losses, the Giants aren't really that close. Their losses have been by an average of almost 14 points.