Top QBs in 2025 college football recruiting: Scouting reports

Quarterback Bryce Underwood is challenging for the top spot in the 2025 class. Belleville High School

While not as deep as recent classes, the future of college football is still in good hands (or arms) with the highly developed quarterback prospects in the 2025 class.

While the 2024 recruiting cycle featured an unprecedented number of dual-threat prospects, with two -- D.J. Lagway and Julian Sayin -- in the top 10, this class features two of the best pocket passers in the past several years.

The top of the ESPN 300 could come down to the wire for Julian Lewis and Bryce Underwood who sit No. 1 and No. 2, respectively. Both pocket passers match up with best we have seen at the position and will compete at this week's Elite 11 Final.

The Elite 11 Final is a showcase event featuring 20 top quarterback recruits that in past years has featured the likes of Matthew Stafford and Bryce Young.

Ahead of this QB showcase, we break down the top five dual-threat quarterbacks and the top five pocket passers in the 2025 class.

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