NFL rookie quarterbacks: Team fits, expectations, projections

Fourteen quarterbacks were picked in the 2023 NFL draft, including 12 in the first five rounds (a common draft era record). Three teams found new starters early in Round 1, while two more selected potential heir apparent passers on Day 2. And after the 49ers took Brock Purdy with the final pick of the 2022 draft and found immediate success with him last season, teams were aggressive in adding signal-callers on Day 3.

How does each quarterback fit with his new team? We took a closer look at all 14 draft picks, along with two notable undrafted free agents. NFL draft analyst Jordan Reid made sense of each quarterback's scheme fit and how they could excel in the pros, while our NFL Nation reporters focused on each QB's expected role with their new team. And for first-rounders, Reid picked one area where the passer could lead the league in short order, while fantasy football analyst Mike Clay projected their rookie-year stat lines.

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Bryce Young, Carolina Panthers