Barnwell's offseason report cards for all 32 NFL teams

It's time to reflect on the 2017 offseason. There are a few stray veterans left in the free-agent pool, and teams could still execute something unexpected if injuries arise, but organizations have mostly closed their checkbooks and built the rosters they will take onto the field in September.

Click the links below to see how I graded your team's offseason.

Arizona Cardinals: A big hole at cornerback remains, but Arizona managed to retain its best pass-rusher without overpaying. How did the Cardinals grade out?

Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta continued to add pieces to a young, speedy front seven and locked up its best defensive player with a long-term deal. How did the Falcons grade out?

Baltimore Ravens: Baltimore made one of the best free-agent signings of the offseason. The problem? Its WR corps could still use some work. How did the Ravens grade out?

Buffalo Bills: Buffalo resisted the urge to move on from QB Tyrod Taylor, but it continued to shed talented players to the Patriots. How did the Bills grade out?

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers' offensive line gave them fits in 2016. Their answer was to give an ineffective left tackle the worst contract of the offseason. How did the Panthers grade out?

Chicago Bears: Chicago threw a bunch of assets at its quarterback situation and all it came away with are question marks. How did the Bears grade out?

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals have tried -- and failed -- to plan for the future along their offensive line. What they've assembled up front isn't pretty. How did the Bengals grade out?

Cleveland Browns: Cleveland upgraded its O-line while continuing to stockpile future draft picks. It now owns two first-rounders and three second-rounders in 2018. How did the Browns grade out?

Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys publicly overplayed their hand on Tony Romo. Their pass rush should get a boost from a rookie, though. How did the Cowboys grade out?

Denver Broncos: Denver made worthwhile upgrades along the offensive line, but losing defensive coordinator Wade Phillips could prove pivotal. How did the Broncos grade out?

Detroit Lions: The Lions still need to lock up Matthew Stafford and Ezekiel Ansah on long-term deals, but they did well to sign more help along the O-line. How did the Lions grade out?

Green Bay Packers: While the Packers' offensive line and linebacker corps could be a problem, Green Bay bought low on TE Martellus Bennett. How did the Packers grade out?

Houston Texans: Houston found its way out of a dead-end quarterback situation, but made an even bigger bet on Brock Osweiler's replacement. How did the Texans grade out?

Indianapolis Colts: Finally, a smart offseason in Indianapolis -- and it all started with the hiring of GM Chris Ballard to replace Ryan Grigson. How did the Colts grade out?

Jacksonville Jaguars: Jacksonville added more talent to its defense in free agency, but strangely continued to devote resources to the running back position. How did the Jaguars grade out?

Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City gave up a ton of draft capital to move up and select boom-or-bust quarterback Patrick Mahomes II. How did the Chiefs grade out?

Los Angeles Chargers: The Chargers finally drafted a stud receiver in Mike Williams, but they might not have actually fixed the offensive line. How did the Chargers grade out?

Los Angeles Rams: A new coaching staff is a welcome sight for Rams fans. Sean McVay's No. 1 priority will be getting the most out of second-year QB Jared Goff. How did the Rams grade out?

Miami Dolphins: Miami showed little restraint or understanding for the market, seemingly handing out blank checks for a two-week stretch in March. How did the Dolphins grade out?

Minnesota Vikings: Minnesota made the right move in cutting bait with the pricey Adrian Peterson, but committed too much money to a different free-agent RB. How did the Vikings grade out?

New England Patriots: New England managed to retain key coaches from its Super Bowl team while adding potential stars on offense and defense. How did the Patriots grade out?

New Orleans Saints: New Orleans did well to revamp its secondary, but it made an inexcusable error during the draft. How did the Saints grade out?

New York Giants: The Giants opted to re-sign the wrong defensive lineman on a big-money deal and failed to address a dismal offensive line. How did the Giants grade out?

New York Jets: The Jets still don't have a solid plan at quarterback, but at least they added two much-needed defensive backs early in the draft. How did the Jets grade out?

Oakland Raiders: Oakland wisely resisted the urge to re-sign free agents from a mediocre defense. It still needs to get an extension done for Derek Carr, though. How did the Raiders grade out?

Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers still haven't signed Le'Veon Bell to a long-term deal, but at least Antonio Brown isn't going anywhere. How did the Steelers grade out?

Philadelphia Eagles: Philadelphia added some much-needed help at wide receiver ... without overpaying. Cornerback could be a mess in the short-term, though. How did the Eagles grade out?

San Francisco 49ers: John Lynch didn't look like a first-time GM during a savvy draft. His free-agent signings, though, are a different story. How did the 49ers grade out?

Seattle Seahawks: Seattle wisely decided against trading one of the best defensive players in the NFL and accumulated tons of picks by trading down in the draft. How did the Seahawks grade out?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tampa Bay invested heavily in weapons for quarterback Jameis Winston, but missed an opportunity to dump a hefty contract. How did the Buccaneers grade out?

Tennessee Titans: Tennessee filled its two biggest weaknesses with high-upside players. Backup quarterback continues to be an issue, though. How did the Titans grade out?

Washington: Washington made some blunders this offseason that could affect the franchise for years to come, but its smart additions shouldn't be overlooked. How did Washington grade out?