Dana White: Mike Tyson has something 'lined up'

Dana White speculates on Mike Tyson fighting again (1:46)

Dana White expresses his thoughts on if Mike Tyson is indeed training for a big fight in the near future. (1:46)

The possibility of a Mike Tyson comeback at age 53 has the entire sports world curious, and at least one fan and friend of Tyson's believes it's legit: UFC president Dana White.

Speaking to ESPN on Thursday, White said he's convinced Tyson will return to the ring in the near future, although he did not offer a specific date or opponent. According to White, Tyson has something "lined up." The former heavyweight champion's name has been linked to everyone from Evander Holyfield to Tito Ortiz to Tyson Fury in recent weeks.

"Originally, I came out and said, 'Listen, I'd like Mike not to fight,'" said White, who has had a close friendship with Tyson for many years. "I even got Mike a TV show, to try and keep him from fighting. But Mike Tyson is a grown man, he can do whatever. The guy is powerful, looks explosive and has gotten himself in great shape.

"From what I'm hearing from them, they have something lined up, something big. He's going to get in there. We talked about it and he said, 'Listen, I feel that fire in my stomach. I want to get in there and mix it up again.' I'm fully supportive of him."

White, 50, is a longtime boxing fan, and longtime resident of Las Vegas. He said he has attended multiple Tyson fights in the past, and would find a way to do it again if the legend does return.

"I'll be at this one, I will absolutely go," White said. "I don't care if there's no crowd allowed. I'll figure out how to get into that one."