2024 MLB mock draft 2.0: Predicting the first two rounds

Jac Caglianone has dominated college baseball this season. Which MLB team lands the Florida star in our latest mock draft? Dylan Widger/USA TODAY Sports

It's the perfect time for a two-round mock draft. MLB Draft Combine workouts started this week, some college stars are still playing at the Men's College World Series in Omaha, high school seasons are completed and pre-draft workouts for all the players mentioned below are now over.

Industry evaluators' perception of the top of this draft class has taken a big step forward over the course of the season. It's a college-heavy group throughout the first round, with some solid high school and college pitching depth near the end of the round, and light on high school position players. The top tier of college hitters is so good it warranted a deep dive on those players to tease out the differences.

With a clear tier of 10 players at the top (you can jump into my latest draft rankings for more on that), it's likely that group makes up eight or nine of the first 10 picks. I say eight or nine because financial incentives exist, given the draft's bonus pool structure, for at least one team in the top 10 picks to opt for saving for a later selection if they don't like the players and asking prices they're left with from that top group.

Now let's predict the first 74 players to come off the board on Day 1 when this year's MLB Draft starts on Sunday, July 14.