Why this might be the best Arsenal team you've ever seen

The last Arsenal team to win the Premier League was, according to many, the greatest Premier League team of all time. They're called "The Invincibles," after all, and they did something that no other Premier League team has ever done. Or, rather, they didn't do a thing that every other Premier League team has done: lose.

Led by Thierry Henry's league-leading 30 goals and a league-low 26 goals conceded on the other end, Arsene Wenger's team won 26 matches, drew 12 and lost none in 2003-04. They're the only Premier League team to go undefeated over a full domestic season, and only two others have done it across Europe's Big Five leagues during the sport's modern era: AC Milan in 1991-92 and Juventus in 2011-12. In fact, only two other Premier League teams have even managed just a single loss: Chelsea in 2004-05 and Liverpool in 2018-19. All of Pep Guardiola's Manchester City teams have lost at least two games.

The Invincibles were -- and perhaps are -- the iconic Premier League team. Henry cutting in from the left and just generally being the coolest person you'd ever seen; Robert Pires hunched over the ball, unable to lift his legs off the ground and still making it work; Gilberto Silva and Patrick Vieira gobbling up all the space and all the loose balls; Ashley Cole bombing forward and creating the modern full-back position; Jens Lehmann bordering on a nervous breakdown at all times in goal -- to a certain generation of fans, which includes me, this team defined an era, defined a league.

The Invincibles might be the most important Premier League team of all time, but here is where I must say: the current version of Arsenal might be even better.