David Andrews showed great restraint after fan hit him with a drink

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots center David Andrews was walking off Heinz Field on Sunday when a fan threw their coffee in his direction. The cup drilled him on the back side of his left shoulder, with the contents spilling out and giving him an early shower.

Ironically, Andrews explained that at the time he was trying to take off his football glove to hand to a fan.

These types of situations, unfortunately, aren't all that rare.

Two weeks ago, Seahawks defensive lineman Quinton Jefferson had a drink thrown at him as he left the field after being ejected. He turned around to confront the fan, and began to climb the railing in an attempt to get into the stands before cooler heads prevailed.

There was no such reaction from Andrews this past Sunday, as he simply spread his arms out as if to say, "Seriously?"

I asked him about it Thursday, from the context of whether it took great restraint not to respond.

"It doesn't bother me after a win," he said. "To me, that's part of being an athlete. There are going to be times that are up and down, and you can't retaliate. There might be times you don't like something in a game, and you can't retaliate and hurt the team, hurt yourself. It's another distraction that really doesn't matter."