Aaron Donald fined for going after Justin Britt, vows to control temper

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald said he hoped he would not be fined after a series of altercations in the Rams' game against the Seattle Seahawks.

No such luck, as Donald was fined more than $23,000 for his actions in Sunday's game.

The NFL fined Donald $10,026 for his retaliatory hit on Justin Britt after the center delivered a late shove to Donald out of bounds. Both players were penalized for unnecessary roughness.

What Donald did after the game drew the most concern. He shed his shoulder pads on the sideline, put his helmet back on and buckled the chinstrap as he ran onto the field to confront Britt. That drew a $13,369 fine.

Donald would not expand this week on what took place throughout the game and afterward, but he said the Seahawks "did a lot of things" that he hoped would be seen by the NFL.

"I just got to control my temper," he said. "I just got to be better."

Players from both teams were chippy throughout the game, but Donald had had enough after he scooped what he thought to be a fumble by Russell Wilson (it was an incomplete pass) and took off down the sideline. He was forced out of bounds before Britt shoved him to the ground, and a scuffle broke out.

Sean McVay sprinted down the sideline to separate players. A microphone worn by McVay revealed that the Rams coach implored Donald to calm down and return for the next play.

McVay said this week that he addressed the situation and did not expect such behavior from any of his players going forward.

"We love Aaron. I love Aaron," McVay said. "And the best part about Aaron is -- like all of our players this year when you've had some situations that come up -- they're able to take the ownership, the accountability and know what they can do if something like this comes up in the future about how we want to try to handle it."

The source said Britt was fined $20,054 for hitting Donald late.

Donald wasn't the only Rams player with an after-the-whistle penalty.

Outside linebacker Dante Fowler, whom the Rams traded for before the deadline last month, picked up a costly foul when he mouthed off to an official. The Rams' defense was leaving the field after a stop on third down, only to return due to Fowler's lapse in judgment. The Seahawks scored a touchdown on the series.

Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips expressed displeasure with the penalties.

"After-the-play penalties, we really don't accept them," Phillips said. "They can't happen. Sometimes you hit a guy close out of bounds, that kind of thing, but any post-play penalties, you've got to think about your team and what it costs if those things happen."

As the Rams (9-1) prepare to play the Kansas City Chiefs (9-1) on Monday Night Football at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, Donald said he is not concerned about picking up any such fouls in the future.

"Everybody learned," Donald said. "We all seen it, we all was involved with it, so we understand what was going on and what we need to do to be better."

Donald was fined $20,054 after a Week 1 victory over the Oakland Raiders for a low hit on quarterback Derek Carr. In 2016, Donald was fined six times.