FC 100: Ronaldo ranked where?! Overrated, underrated & snubs

I know this is going to come as a massive surprise, but not everyone in the world agrees with the ESPN FC 100 rankings.

In fact, some people who vote in the rankings don't agree with our FC 100 rankings. That's how these things work: We all submit our ballots, and then the aggregate of our votes produces something that ends up being quite different from any of our individual ballots.

You know, including mine. So, today, I am going to take on the brave role of Angry Internet Commenter. I am going to put myself in your shoes and do my own analysis of the FC 100.

Who got ranked too high? Who was snubbed? Who is too low? Who doesn't even belong on the list at all? And why the heck is Cristiano Ronaldo ranked the 15th-best forward in the world?

Let's dig into it.